PTN LEARN Continuous Training Model  

From the superintendent’s office to the classroom, each and every member of an educational initiative deserves a personally tailored training plan designed considering users’ roles and skill sets. PassTheNotes is dedicated to implementing and designing efficient and effective trainings that are customized to suit your needs.  The following PTN LEARN Continuous Training Model described below are designed and customized for each and every user factoring in all learner levels and can be scheduled throughout the school year.

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PTN LEARN for Educators:

PTN LEARN Training for Administration

The PTN LEARN training for administration shows educational leaders “How To” manage and control educational hierarchies from publisher materials to the classroom experience.  The Administrative Suite gives users the ability the overseeing ability to view analytics and control security features. Users can manage viewed, shared, and favorite’d content and district users can manage calendars and set up training sessions and professional development opportunities.

PTN LEARN Training for Technology Team

The PTN LEARN training for technology teams shows educators “How to” manage users at school sites. Users also learn how facilitate site wide content management and learn about file size options, file types, and how to controlling sharing. Users are taught how to set up public and private network options and shown how users can work on multiple platforms: PC’s, Tablets, Android, IOS.

PTN LEARN Training for Teachers

The PTN LEARN training for teachers shows educators “How to” deliver instruction efficiently & effectively using the PassTheNotes Platform. Training includes instruction how to organize folders and search for related content.  Users learn how to map curriculum & tag to standards for Common Core and other Initiatives such as STEM. Teachers are shown how to foster Project Based Learning with PassTheNotes Folder Sharing, Chat, Whiteboard, and Discussion Feeds and how to utilize collaborative and networking tools such as the assignment portal and calendar.  Users are also shown where to get Help PTN training resources.

PTN Learn Training for Students

The PTN LEARN training for students shows users “How to” understand rules and guidelines set forth by districts and teachers. The platform will allow for students to gain accessing classes and training will show them how to navigate teacher folders and how to organize personal content. Training will also show students how to utilize collaborative, calendar, assignment, and annotative tools. Students will also be shown where to get help.

PTN LEARN Continuous Training Model and Train-the-Trainer Program

PassTheNotes CTM also comes with our PTN LEARN Train-the-Trainer Program.  This model empowers teachers from the inside out. It trains specifically chosen staff members and shows them how to be the first point of (on-site) contact for other members of their department. These representatives become a fundamental part of the implementation, training, and support stages of the PTN Educational Platform initiative. To successfully implement this model of training, PTN requires representatives from each of your departments. These handpicked users will become PTN Trainers onsite to help mold the culture by helping with basic inquiries and being supportive role models.  It is important to know and share with each staff member that the PassTheNotes Training and Support Teams will always be available to assist and facilitate their success.

All users will be trained through the (3) Plan Train Network Modules.

Module I – Plan

The first Module of the PTN LEARN Continuous Training Program is the Plan Session.

Users are orientated with the platform and its capabilities and then are guided how to create their own digital version of their classroom.  Teachers are able to integrate applications such as Google Drive and Drop Box to easily curate content. Users are shown how to build, upload, move, search, share, and sort content and are shown how they get notified with activity within the platform. All users are guided how to create groups and are shown how to maintain privacy and teachers are shown how to set timers on materials.

Module II -Teach

The second Module of the PTN LEARN Continuous Training Program is the Teach Session.

In this session users are shown how to utilize the teaching components of the PassTheNotes Platform. Topics such as:  how to annotate on documents, utilize the whiteboard, use the digital notebook, create and grade assignments, and tag content to standards are all explained to users.  Teachers, students, and administrators alike are all shown how to navigate materials and how instruction happens in the PassTheNotes Platform.                                                                                        :

Module III – Network

The third and final Module of the PTN LEARN Continuous Training Program is the Network Session.

Once materials are organized and uploaded into the PassTheNotes platform users are taught how easy it is to manage communications within one’s network.   Teachers and administrators are instructed how to manage students in groups and classes and students are shown how to manage groups and materials. Teachers are shown how to communicate with students via assignments and feedback and students are shown how to retrieve grades and feedback. All users are given steps how to manage account settings and their personal information.  Teachers, students and administrators are also shown how to manage text, audio, and video chat discussions and messages between users and how to manage the reporting of inappropriate users and or materials.

PTN LEARN Professional Development Training Program

We at PassTheNotes are dedicated to continued Professional Development.  The following PTN LEARN Professional Development Training Program courses described below are designed for users of all levels and can be scheduled throughout the school year as desired.

The PTN LEARN School/District Training Listed below Includes a Certified PTN Trainer on site:

Technology Learner Level:

Beginner *

Intermediate **

Advanced ***

*PTN100- Living in the Stone Age in PassTheNotes

PTN100 aims to relay information to instructors and administrators who are on school sites that are lacking when it comes to technology and infrastructure. PassTheNotes as a platform and as a company understands that not every school has state-of-the-art technology. Easy to modify suggestions and helpful tips are compiled in this course for those campuses stuck in the metaphorical and some-times literal Stone-Age.

*PTN101- Intro to Applications of Technology in PassTheNotes for Educators

PTN 101 aims to address the essentials of computer and platform operations; the integration of computer technology into the blended learning environment; learning theory/instructional design using technology; and the use of presentation and related software within the PassTheNotes Platform.

**PTN102 – Digital Classroom Management in PassTheNotes

PTN102 aims to focus on the interpretation and application of behavior management strategies, research and standards-based effective practice to the design, development, and evaluation of education experiences in the 21st Century technology based classroom using the PassTheNotes platform. Skills and knowledge acquired in the course will contribute to blended learning teaching capabilities.

**PTN103 – Using Media in PassTheNotes

PTN103 aims to be an introduction for educators, trainers, and instructional designers in all educational contexts who are interested in incorporating media in multiple forms into technology-enhanced content.  Learners will apply instructional design and usability principles to develop and evaluate e-learning materials and will utilize the PassTheNotes internal search functionality for educationally based media.

**PTN104 – Understanding Digital Assessments with PassTheNotes

PTN104 aims to expose class participants to the digital tools within the PassTheNotes system to assess student learning. Participants will also learn how they can take the data from those assessments and use it to direct their teaching to help those students who have not yet reached mastery. At the conclusion of this course students should be able to: demonstrate competence in using different digital tools to assess students, demonstrate knowledge of gathering data on student achievement, and demonstrate competence in maintaining an ePortfolio.

**PTN105 – Designing Technology Rich Lessons in PassTheNotes

PTN105 aims to focus on the application of instructional design principles to the development of instruction in the PassTheNotes Platform. Topics include contemporary issues and trends in instructional technological design, foundations in learning research, requirements for instruction, task and needs analysis, learning situations and instructional models, learner characteristics, hardware and software innovations, assessing instructional outcomes, and factors affecting utilization.

***PTN106 – Project Based Learning in PassTheNotes

PTN106 aims to examine the principles of planning, scheduling, allocating resources, proposing, preparing, risk assessment, and student management for instructional projects within the PassTheNotes Platform. Instructors negotiate an effective design project plan, how to implement that plan, and how to control and monitor project activities. Case studies will be used as a basis for exercises and discussions. Each instructor will develop a lesson plan that meets specific criteria.

***PTN107 – Giving Appropriate Specific Student Feedback with PassTheNotes

PTN 107 aims to survey theoretical perspectives on allocating specific student feedback on assignments, projects, assessments, and in class behavior modification. Instructors will gain an understanding of the different perspectives of constructive specific criticism verses non-specific praise and be given exemplars that show how to provide this effective feedback while delivering learning and instruction.

***PTN108 – Standardize My Courses with PassTheNotes

PTN108 aims to explore blended learning from perspectives of theory and practice with State and National Level Standards and is designed for educators and instructional designers in all educational environments (e.g. K-12, higher education, corporate environments, non-profit organizations). It focuses on the application of standards to pedagogy and curriculum design to achieve a synergy between blended online classroom environment instruction and assessments. Topics include theoretical frameworks and best practices in blended learning, lesson plan scheduling, institutional perspectives on test taking, assessments, and the design and implementation of standards in blended curriculum.

***PTN109- What Does a Quality Digitized Course Look Like in PassTheNotes

PTN109 aims to assist instructors incorporating and integrating technology into their existing curricula or when designing new curricula that involves appropriate uses of technology. This is NOT a curriculum design course. This class is built on the assumption that course participants have a working knowledge of planning curriculum at a level appropriate for their current context. That is, prospective and practicing teachers will most likely be focused on integrating technology through the PassTheNotes Platform into classroom instruction.  Instructors will develop a quality digitized course in the PassTheNotes Platform.

***PTN110:  Creating Professional Learning Communities with PassTheNotes

PTN110 aims to explore how Professional Learning Communities (PLC) have emerged as an effective model for school improvement and higher student achievement. This course will orient participants around the concepts of PLCs, where PLCs fit in the broader perspective of school reform, strategies for implementing PLCs in PassTheNotes, and how learners can implement team planning.

***PTN111:  Analyzing Analytics in PassTheNotes

PTN111 aims to expose how popular the terms “data” and “analytics” have become in the educational venue. The skills to recognize, evaluate, and organize data is in great demand; but, what do these terms mean? How does an instructor use these numbers to help streamline education for students and prepare noteworthy documents for administrative evaluations?  PassTheNotes has the analytics and this course provides the know-how to apply them.