PassTheNotes Launches Medical And Healthcare Industry Software Solution

May 3, 2016
Theresa Seiler
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PassTheNotes Launches Medical And Healthcare Industry Software Solution

PassTheNotes has launched a solution to help bridge the communication and collaboration gap in the medical and healthcare industry. PTN has created an enterprise solution to connect the hospitalist management groups to insurance carriers to the (PCPs) primary care physicians and all of the teams in-between in a safe and secure environment.

The solution powered by PassTheNotes streamlines the business processes and creates transparency throughout the healthcare continuum. The immediate access and ease of information centralizes the business functions and develops the networks of all those involved in a patient health.

Health insurance companies, hospitalists management groups, and doctors now have a single home to communicate and connect. Hospitalist management groups are given the tools to bridge the gap that hospitals and insurance companies have struggled to fill due to antiquated communicative practices. While in the past, many organizations have had to turn to multiple systems to make this type of connection work, PassTheNotes provides an easy-to-use effective and efficient private patient data communication system.

PassTheNotes has recently expanded partnerships with several hospitalist companies, whose partnerships extend to hospitals, insurance companies, and other organizations in the medial field.  At PassTheNotes our areas of expertise include communication and collaboration management, process development, network management, and work flows.  In today’s ever expanding IT space, many software companies expect users to “learn as they go” and adapt their processes to the software. PassTheNotes implementation and training team continues to show its ability to service a variety of industries by working closely with our clients to learn how our software can best serves their day-to-day needs.

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