NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C Technology and PassTheNotes Creating a Roadmap to STEM 2020

March 7, 2016
Theresa Seiler
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Advocacy of The Federal (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strategic Plan’s 5 Goals Through NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C Collaborative Meeting Manager (CMM) Powered By PassTheNotes


(STEM) refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This education policy and curriculum in schools is designed to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. The development of the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) NEC’s Univerge 3C Collaborative Meeting Manager powered by PassTheNotes directly supports the Federal Strategic Plan aimed at supporting the initiatives devised by The US National Science Foundation and The Office of Science division of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists.


The Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, (STEM) Education has 5 goals to support STEM and K-12 education as laid out in the Federal Strategic Plan:


  1. Improve STEM Instruction: The goal is to prepare 100,000 excellent new K-12 STEM teachers by 2020, and support the existing STEM teacher workforce.



Research shows that top-performing teachers make a dramatic difference in student academic success and suggests that for students who learn from these teachers year after year, achievement gaps narrow significantly. The partnership between NEC of America and PassTheNotes support initiatives to increase the number of excellent K-12 STEM teachers by providing CoSTEM agencies and schools with a platform and communication features that will support undertaking increased coordination among STEM-teacher preparation, professional development, support, and recognition efforts. Continued research and partnerships focused on teacher learning and STEM teacher development are a milestone and goal within PassTheNotes and seen as essential to guiding these implementations and coordination efforts and programs.


Designed with efficiency in mind, the NEC CCM System powered by PassTheNotes supplies the tools and the digital know-how to manage the entire body of an educational institution, scaling, and implementation and training for STEM initiatives. School districts have the ability to streamline the expansive library of professional development resources they have for their instructors and staff. It is designed to improve instruction and increase student engagement. PassTheNotes provides functions for all users from calendar to content to communication features and a plethora in-between to organize instructional assignments and materials; tag content to standards, create assessments aligned to standards, and encourage collaboration and interaction through social learning features. As an advanced cloud-based solution, the NEC CCM powered by PassTheNotes creates a blended learning community where administrators can efficiently and effectively manage STEM school sites.


The system provides:

  • STEM Educators with a cloud-based central location to organize STEM program and/or publisher-created resources and instructional tools.
  • Extensive communication features that support collaboration between users.
  • Calendar gives all users ability to manage schedules, assessments, assignments, and materials.
  • Allows teachers to assign timed student work, track participation, and provide targeted graded feedback, all online and in real-time from any device.
  • Features allowing teachers to upload and share content with students that is searchable from desktop and/or mobile environments.
  • Uploaded content can be tagged by key words, subject, author, grade level, topic, time frame, and/or scope and sequence, as well as National and/or State standards.
  • Offers search and browse functionalities for filtered web content and YouTube Education to help teachers incorporate appropriate online tools into their lessons.
  • Provides annotation and digital notation tools that allow teachers and students to edit and house student work in various media formats.
  • Provides access to real-time text and video chat as well as built-in white board capability.


  1. Increase and sustain youth and public engagement in STEM.


The solution that PassTheNotes provides gives STEM students and instructors the ability to communicate and coordinate in real time, from any device at any time. By creating programs that incorporate safe environments to communicate, PassTheNotes helps teachers and students collaborate and share best practices. By providing shared, user-friendly storage, along with online communications features such as real-time text and video chat NEC and PassTheNotes facilitate creating sustainable systems to recruit and grow youth and public engagement in STEM programs. The ability to connect safely and securely enables and fosters student engagement while providing the security that federal and state school districts are seeking. Users are able to network and have numerous ways to share ideas and materials. Students and teachers have access to the same collaborative online environment, facilitating effective project-based learning and technology skills that are essential to fostering career-and-college-ready STEM skills. By sharing content and communicating with their peers online, students also learn the importance of peer collaboration and teamwork and mentorship. In NEC’s CCM, students complete and submit their work digitally, providing teachers with detailed reports on content usage and student activity that can be used to deliver differentiated instruction and provide valuable, targeted feedback and network users to increase engagement in STEM.



  1. Enhance STEM experience of undergraduate students. The goal is to graduate one million additional students with degrees in STEM fields over the next 10 years.


The NEC CCM powered by The PassTheNotes Administrative Suite gives districts the ability to manage their entire district from the top down. These features foster scaling capabilities enabling school districts to grow STEM programs and manage graduation rates. The Administrative Suite allows a district to manage security, storage, users, content, and third party applications all from one central location. Our API allows an ease of use with existing SIS or Active Directory service for managing users and creating a single sign on environment supporting growth. The NEC CCM platform gives districts the functionality and accountability needed to ensure the success of their digital STEM initiatives leading the way to bridging the student to the workplace.

The CCM:

  • Has an ability to integrate with student information systems.
  • System provides the ability for authorized users to set privacy access settings.
  • Is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Allows for secure exchange for login and content sourcing, integration, and storage into lessons from both internal and external applications and/or repositories. Can accommodate the following custom integrations:
    • Ability to leverage existing portal user credentials to allow for a single sign-on environment.
    • Ability to integrate with either existing and/or third-party applications to allow single sign-on from district’s existing portal.
    • Ability to allow administrators, teachers, students, parents to use one set of usernames / passwords to access the platform from the portal, as well as internal and third-party applications.
    • Ability to authenticate users via SIS and/or active directory for single sign-on.


NEC’s CCM Powered by PassTheNotes is cloud-based, so teachers and students can log in anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection. Because it’s compatible with everything from computers to tablets, iPads, and more, the system can be accessed from almost any device, making it easy to support 1:1 and BYOD tech initiatives the system fosters engagement with STEM.



  1. Better serve groups historically underrepresented in STEM fields.


To better serve historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields, NEC’s CCM is designed to support all educational programs and subgroups without discrimination. To make progress and boost percentages in this priority area, PassTheNotes will continually work with relevant organizations, stakeholder communities, and agencies to facilitate emphasizing education and support at critical transition points from P-12 to postsecondary education and from postsecondary education to the STEM workforce, when students from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM often drop out of the STEM pipeline. As part of this networking and focus, agencies and school districts will be able to work to create consistent wide spread programs that serve underrepresented groups. By creating these groups and networks, this may also include improving access to and increasing coordination across, programs for Minority-Serving Institutions.


NEC’s CCM powered by PassTheNotes facilitates support to all school districts and all users, even those who have limited internet connectivity supporting all educational stakeholders. Because PassTheNotes provides permissions for users with the ability for content to be downloaded and printed learning is extended outside the walls of the classroom. Larger demographics of users can be reached than what the traditional brick and mortar schools typically offer. Lessons, assessments, assignments, videos, content, notes, and teacher feedback can all be downloaded and printed allowing students to access materials from home helping expand and grow STEM accessibility. As STEM networks continue to grow and improve, teachers, students, and school districts can use a variety of ways for students to have organized digital STEM materials and references at their fingertips. Case studies, mentorship programs, and reference materials about success stories can be easily shared and disseminated to help build up and better serve groups historically underrepresented in STEM fields.



  1. Design graduate education for tomorrow’s STEM workforce.


Every STEM student deserves a well-trained teacher – one whose preparation has included appropriate opportunities to learn his or her subject and to participate in clinical experiences in schools. Every teacher and education leader deserves access to the preparation, on-going support, recognition, and collaboration opportunities needed for success. However, not all receive the support they need, and science and mathematics teachers are among the most difficult to recruit and retain in K-12 schools. The system facilitates growing stakeholder buy-in and program development. NEC CCM powered by PassTheNotes is designed to assist the design of graduate education for tomorrow’s STEM workforce by supporting the curating of program content and implementing program fidelity. Curriculum guides and Instructional plans can be referenced in the search by allowing the district users the ability to develop content, tag and link the content in NEC’s CCM using any district-provided “qualifiers,” including, but not limited to the following:


  • STEM, school, district, state, and national standards
  • Curriculum content and strand/element/component within content (e.g., mathematics, engineering, etc.)
  • Research base and efficacy validation
  • Cognitive complexity or depth of knowledge
  • Multiple intelligences and learning styles (e.g., multisensory learning, project-based learning, etc.)
  • Lexile, Quantile, or other readability level
  • Teaching strategy or delivery method
  • Response to Intervention (RI) tiers
  • Differentiation according to universal screening results
  • Any keywords desired

NEC and PassTheNotes also support the mechanisms such as fellowships and traineeships which provide significant opportunities for graduate students and instructors to enhance preparation of students not only for academic and research positions, but also for career options in the private and government sectors.

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