It’s Not Just A Product, It’s A Process: Lawrence Academy Launches Virtual School Powered By PassTheNotes

March 3, 2016
Theresa Seiler
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PassTheNotes is excited to announce that on The Lawrence Academy Virtual School has launched their spring implementation of their 2016-2017 digital initiative with the PTN Platform. This rollout is a robust step forward in the school’s plan for transiting from a brick and mortar school and infusing digital content and technology into a full scale virtual program. Lawrence Academy and PTN are working together to provide administration, teachers, and students a digital platform to enhance the organization of core curriculum, enrich digital instructional content design, heighten teacher distribution of materials, and enrich student learning experience. This digital initiative is intended to prepare Lawrence Academy to excel and perform competitively in today’s 21st century educational environment leading the way for their teachers and students to become leaders in today’s digital classrooms.

Teachers and faculty had already begun curating content and preparing lesson materials ahead of this spring 2016 academic term. Students and teachers will be utilizing the PTN platform to access teacher and publisher created content. The platform will also give students and teachers the ability to communicate in a safe and secure environment. PassTheNotes also enables teachers and administrators to develop streamlined planning capabilities and professional learning communities enhancing teacher efficiency and effectiveness.

“We decided to team up with PassTheNotes for not only their product but their process to design content and implement a way for our instructors to communicate and collaborate,” shares Kristin Mira, Executive Director Lawrence Academy. “The implementation, training, and support teams at PassTheNotes have designed a roadmap to bring our initiatives to life and we are excited to roll out the solution into our virtual classrooms.”

Instead of using multiple programs and apps to achieve goals in the classroom, Lawrence Academy is working with PassTheNotes to achieve its long-term goals of solving the digital and virtual questions facing schools today. The teams at PTN and Lawrence Academy will continue to work together to ensure the faculty and students are trained and utilizing the full potential of the platform. Stay tuned to learn more about the Lawrence Academy digital rollout with PassTheNotes.