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Step-by-Step Training Center Tutorials

The Education Training center has 4 main sections, that can be accessed for all students and teachers. 

  • Plan: Users are orientated with the platform and its capabilities
  • Teach: users are shown how to utilize the teaching components of the PassTheNotes Platform
  • Network: Users are taught how easy it is to manage communications within their network.
  • Admin: Find out how to create, manage and maintain your organization through our administrative suite.
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Getting Started
Quick Start Guide
  • Menu walkthrough
  • Where to create groups
  • Where to create folders
  • Upload files and more
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  • Basic About Info
  • Account Questions
  • Technology Questions
  • How To Q&A
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Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

  • Signing Up
  • Creating Folders
  • Using the Discussion Feeds
  • Sharing & Creating Groups
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