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PassTheNotes Enterprise is a secure cloud-based solution for file sharing and collaboration for businesses.
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Industries currently serving

Engineering & Construction
Oil & Gas
Franchise & Dealer Networks

Key features to simplify collaboration in your workplace

Sharing content and collaborating with employees has never been easier. First create a group folder and invite members so the content uploaded can be shared with all members. PassTheNotes renders documents seemlessly and makes it easy to annotate and markup documents through the viewer. Communication is best supported through the discussion section where members can leave messages in a dicussion feed-like format.
   Groups & file sharing

Employees that are in teams can easily share files among each other in a secure environment . All files and folders are shared with all team members.

   Annotation & Markup

Employees can markup on documents to provide detailed feedback using our document viewer.  Employees can comment, highlight, draw, add text and strikeout.

   Discussions section

The discussion section allows employees to add files & links to the feed so employees can start a conversation.

   Text and Video Chat

Employees can have real-time conversations with each other by using our text or video chat tool.


Content Management

Small businesses and enterprises can get started by easily integrating into their existing service provider or FTP account and automatically have all their content accessible from PassTheNotes.
Employees and management staff first sets up a folder structure that best suits their work environment. Then they can upload their content whether it is on their computer, Amazon, Rackspace, Box, Dropbox or Google drive. PassTheNotes will allow all file types to be uploaded along with the most popular file types below that can be viewed online.
   Creating folder structure

Create folders to organize your my stuff section. You can add as many subfolders as needed in order to best organize your content.

   Setting privacy controls

Set privacy options on folders to control who you want to have access to your content.

  Drag & drop uploading

Bulk upload content with ease using our drag and drop upload feature. All file types can be uploaded in PassTheNotes.


Create and organize all your meetings and other events.

  Content repositories

Easily sync all user uploads to your cloud content repository of choice. Pull in content from any repository and add it to your account.



LTI Compliant

As an IMS Global Learning Consortium Affiliate Member, we strongly believe in working towards a standard integration process for corporate education technology. At the end of the day, the goal is to enable and empower employees with tools and access to content which will assist in their corporate learning goals and success.


As a company with corporate learning goals it is important that the flow of content between different sources is seamless. SCORM makes it possible as the industry standard for interoperability. PassTheNotes makes the integration simple and cuts down on the time it takes to integrate with other products and services. This allows your organization to run more efficiently and save on support expenses.

 Ease the pain points of an enterprise infrastructure.
  • Improve response times to your teams and have immediate access to shared content
  • Decrease the noise of notifications that do not require your attention
  • Be alerted to issues and items that require your immediate attention and feedback
  • Oversee activity of all your stakeholders
  • Control which sites and user roles have access to content as well as personnel
  • Easily adjust the availability of content based on user roles and locations
Cross-Platform Access
  • Works with any mobile device, from iPhone to tablets.
  • Files are secure and accessible across devices, enabling remote access to critical content anytime, anywhere.
  • PassTheNotes supports iOS and Android based tablets and mobile phones.
Continuous Support
  • Support is available 24/7.
  • Improve employee efficiency in relation to new platform adoption.
  • Get your issues or questions answered by our knowledgable staff within 24 hours.
  • SSL 256 bit encryption application.
  • Security layers at the app & database levels.