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At PassTheNotes, it’s just as much about the process as it is the product. With our continuous training & support model, we ensure that your initiatives become standard process in your organization. Check out our case studies below to see how PassTheNotes has solved some of the challenges faced by schools today.

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Lawton-Chiles Middle School & PassTheNotes

Implementing a BYOD: The Story of Transitioning to a BYOD & Managing the Instructional Process
Along with our current initiatives, such as iPrep Mathematics, PassTheNotes has provided Lawton-Chiles Middle School with a solution to enhance our BYOD and bended-learning initiatives. With this solution we are confident that we will be able to retain and provide our high performing students with the education they expect and deserve. The PassTheNotes solution has already facilitated collaboration between our educators and our students and we’re excited to continue seeing the positive results of this implementation.
Nelson Izquierdo, Jr. , Principal

Westminster Christian School & PassTheNotes

A Truth about Going Digital: The How-To Guide for Going Digital in K-12 Education.
After a review of various products and services we came to the conclusion that by utilizing the experienced educators and team of technology experts at PassTheNotes, Westminster will be able to lay the groundwork for infusing technology into our classrooms.
Peter Cabrera, Superintendent
sunset adult center

Sunset Adult Education Center & PassTheNotes

The Digital Pioneers: The Power of Standardized Education in Adult Learning Centers
Utilizing PassTheNotes has allowed our adult education center to offer a comprehensive and flexible solution to assist our learners in achieving their academic goals. Through the solution’s collaborative tools we have been able to organize, collaborate, and create pacing guides and curriculum and successfully disseminate the content across our multiple school sites. PassTheNotes provides our administrative and curriculum team with a management tool to facilitate digital observation capabilities and empowers our program by streamlining the delivery of educational content.
Julian Cazanas, Principal

Smart Management & PassTheNotes

Managing Digitally: The Impact of Digital Management for Charter School Systems
With S.M.A.R.T. managing multiple physical locations and numerous faculty members it became a challenge to distribute and disseminate information to our faculties effectively and efficiently. The PassTheNotes solution allowed us to upload and share HR materials, time sensitive announcements, and content with all of our sites and faculty instantly with a single upload, saving us time and effort which gives us the ability to focus on our administrators, teachers, and students’ success.
Eddie Diaz, Administrative Director of Operations
urgent inc

Urgent, Inc. & PassTheNotes

Expanding Digital Outreach: The Story of Improving the Mission, Reach, and Impact of the Non-Profit Sector
With the PassTheNotes platform Urgent, Inc. is able to join the digital classroom revolution and provide our youth access to fun social learning experiences designed to promote the 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.
Henry Crespo, Sr., Founder & President

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