Well trained staff is essential for any automotive organization

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Automotive Manufacturers and franchise dealers have the opportunity to optimize training and collaboration not only within their organization but across all dealer locations. Everything from training processes for how phones get answered, following chain of command, training sales teams on how buy orders get done, and service departments. PassTheNotes is here to provide an all in one training solution. No more picking and choosing which sales reps get sent to product knowledge trainings because of budget limitation. No more worry about how trainings for new hires or departments get monitored. With PassTheNotes, everyone within the organization, whether one dealer or 80+ dealers, training is centralized and distributed across every location in real-time. Now every sales person gets the training and not only the train the trainer model of sending only 1-2 people from each dealer. Drive in results the right way by having all staff updated and trained anytime anyplace throughout the year.

Types of Dealers Benefitting Most
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Franchise Dealers
  • Dealer Groups
  • Privately Owned Dealers
Benefits of On-Demand Training for Manufacturers & Dealer Groups
  • Manufacturer’s On-Demand Training for Service Technicians
  • Manufacturer’s On-Demand Train Product Knowledge Classes for Sales People
  • Decreased Cost of Sending Limited Personnel to Manufacturer Training Events
  • Decreased Interruption in Business Activities from Sending Out Personnel
  • Give Access to ALL Employees Based on Department and Role for Training Materials
  • Improve Quality Control within and Across All Dealer Locations
  • Centralize and Easily Update Training Materials in Real-Time
  • Provide 24/7 Access Across All Devices and Browsers
  • Empower Dealers with Collaboration Tools and Gain Oversight into Training Progress
  • Quickly Distribute Manufacturer and/or Dealer Polices and Procedures to Staff
  • Maintain Consistency Materials to Ensure Staff has Correct Information at All Times
  • Improve Sales Product Knowledge by Providing Most Recent Materials Available 24/7
  • Distribute to ALL Locations Nationwide and/or Globally with a Few Clicks
  • Provide Individualized Training for Specific Dealers or Even Departments
  • Ensure that 100% of your Staff Receives 100% of the Training
Employees & Departments that Benefit from Switching to On-Demand Training:
  • Sales Process Training
  • F&I (finance) Process Training
  • Receptionist
  • BDC (business development center developing leads, follow ups, email follow up, etc)
  • Service Writers
  • Service Advisors
  • Parts Department
  • Cashier
  • Office Manager
  • General Manager
  • Used Car Managers
  • Service Directors
  • Internet Department

Key Features



Create assessments to test knowledge and measure progress.


Learning Paths

Automate learning workflows based on pass/fail results.


Note Taker

Create and share notes with anyone, while saving notes with all your content.


Annotation Tools

Markup & annotate on documents to provide feedback.


App Integration

Access content from Dropbox & Google Drive.


Youtube Search

Search and browse web content from YouTube to add to your lessons.


Professional Development

PTN Learn provides all the training your organization may need.


Folder Privacy

Set privacy controls on your content to private, public or just the people within your network.



Track progress & provide graded feedback.



Manage your events, assignments & attendance from one location.



Create best-of-breed course materials for your organization.


Real-Time Communication

Access real-time chat to get instant response.