A Better Way to Build & Collaborate

September 30, 2015
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course_distribution2Currently, there’s so many great curriculum designers, administrators, and instructors overwhelmed by all of the different cloud storage options at their reach. Organizing and inviting collaborators to multiple places just to work on the same task, or course, creates even more challenges, fragmentation, and silos. Learning multiple applications with different ways of creating, ending up with different versions of files, starting with 5 folders and ending up with 75 not knowing who created them…sound familiar?

That stops today! Today we’re excited to announce the release of our PassTheNotes content delivery stack feature. Our goal is to empower people to use technology to improve and simplify the learning environment. Technology should accelerate an instructors ability to deliver an engaging experience but it starts with stakeholders working together seamlessly to build course materials to deliver. Today we’ve released the ability for curriculum designers, administrators, and instructors to pull great content in from any cloud storage repository while maintaining permissions, controls, and ease of use. What does this mean? With this release, users can leverage a centralized collaborative experience to build once and deliver to many quickly and easily. Now builders have the choice to select any cloud storage repository when delivering content through the PassTheNotes application. To learn more feel free to contact us for a personalized demo for your organization.

Happy building!

Your PassTheNotes team!

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