A Learning Content Management System Built for flexibility.

Real-Time Communication

Access real-time chat to get instant response.


Create best-of-breed course materials for your organization.


Manage your events, assignments & attendance from one location.


Track progress & provide graded feedback.

Folder Privacy

Set privacy controls on your content to private, public or just the people within your network.

Professional Development

PTN Learn provides all the training your organization may need.

Youtube Search

Search and browse web content from YouTube to add to your lessons.

App Integration

Access content from Dropbox & Google Drive.

Annotation Tools

Markup & annotate on documents to provide feedback.

Note Taker

Create and share notes with anyone, while saving notes with all your content.

Learning Paths

Automate learning workflows based on pass/fail results.


Create assessments to test knowledge and measure progress.

How It Works
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A Flexible, Fast Tool For Publishers

PassTheNotes offers publishers the opportunity to bridge the gap between print materials and new requirements for the digital classroom, through an all-in-one white-labeled solution. Quickly convert your textbook into bite-sized lessons that can be easily delivered into the classroom.

A Best-in-Breed Solution for Districts & Schools

At PassTheNotes, we’re aware that each district is unique, requiring custom solutions. We work in partnership with districts to integrate and develop a streamlined solution that will meet their distinctive needs. Satisfy district initiatives, set feature controls with one click, and unify communication throughout all schools in the district. Integrate with many existing systems to establish the convenience of a single sign-on experience while plugging into our course and content management system.

cloud district

A Solution for the Classroom

An online tool where teachers can design engaging and media-rich lesson plans, assign work, track participation and performance, and provide targeted feedback to students, all in real-time. It is designed to modernize instruction and increase student engagement with a technology solution that organizes instructional materials and gives back instructional time to teachers.

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IT Professionals Easily Manage your Instance

Easily scale up or down your PassTheNotes instance with storage allocations across your district or school. Whether managing groups of schools or individual user usage, we help you do it from our management console. When it comes to integrating with other applications, PassTheNotes is an LTI Affiliate and can work with you to reach your goals and initiatives.

cloud management

Dedicated Support & Professional Development

At PassTheNotes, we understand that new technology brings with it some challenges with getting stakeholders up to speed without it interrupting crucial instructional time. We provide dedicated training and support to ensure that your goals are met. By involving learners in the designing of attractive and rich lessons using diverse materials and tailoring learning styles and preferences educators can help increase the level of engagement of learners. Networking and sharing those lessons in PassTheNotes is an easy way to find best practices and share results. Our Implementation, Training, and Support Teams are here to help provide guidance every step of the way.

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By sharing resources, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I can see what has worked in other classrooms and then modify it to fit the needs of my students. It saves time and is easy to use.
Marlene Cabrera, Case Manager, Miami Sunset Senior High School Adult Education
After a review of various products and services we came to the conclusion that by utilizing the experienced educators and team of technology experts at PassTheNotes, Westminster will be able to lay the groundwork for infusing technology into our classrooms.
Peter Cabrera, Superintendent, Westminster Christian School
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Student Testimonial

Stay on Track!

October 27, 2016

Stay on track! Helping one learner at a time whether education or enterprise. Learning can be the tough part. How you access your materials shouldn’t be.

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Gulf Oil Rig

PassTheNotes for Business – Safety & Compliance Training

October 13, 2016

From your corporate headquarter office to multiple work sites globally, drill down data into specific work sites. Track and export overall results or specific work sites.

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learning paths screen

PassTheNotes Learning Paths

October 12, 2016

It’s file storage with the intelligence of a learning management system. With PassTheNotes learning paths, the ease of navigating files like you do on your laptop is combined with powerful sequence options.

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